Finally got that Think Piece on Hamlet done…

Here it is, if you’re interested: Mitchell Think Piece Hamlet 2014


Hamletty Stuff

Here’s that video I talked about in class, from Shakespeare Uncovered:

Check it out if you’re short on interpretive ideas.  It has some.

Here’s some other stuff!

When Facebook was The Thing:

To prove that Hamlet is still culturally relevant:

This looks ridiculous, maybe in a good way:

And…hmmm, definitely worth checking out: mathlet

In-Class Write Examples

Want to know what a good in-class write looks like?  Here are some.  They’re in response to a lot of different prompts, ranging from the role of the speeches in Invisible Man to the nature of metafiction (you don’t know what it is, but you will!) in postmodern texts to the mismatch between tone and subject matter in Slaughterhouse-Five.  Each of these received a 10, unless my memory isn’t working right, which is, of course, a possibility, but not a probability in this case! Resist judgment about things that are clearly typos; those are problems my previous TA had with the keyboard, not problems the writers had with their own business (obviously Jaime Colaizzi probably knew how to spell her own last name, for example).

Sample Think Pieces in the next post!  Don’t forget to post your discussion questions before class tomorrow (Maroon)/Monday (Gold).

In-Class Writing Example 1

In-Class Writing Example 2

In-Class Writing Example 3

In-Class Writing Example 4

In-Class Writing Example 5

In-Class Writing Example 6